Our Services

At Sabrhub we deliver high-quality IT services with a keen focus on the highest levels of client satisfaction in all our projects, ranging from computer troubleshooting and virus removal to network administration, data recovery, and AV services including TV mounts! Our diverse set of Austin clients include offices of Tax/Accounting, Dental Practices, Lobbyists, and Newspaper/Marketing firms!

AV Integration

Our AV professionals ensure the delivery of clean high-quality AV solutions from restaurant LCD menu screens to top-notch residential home theater systems and commercial collaboration rooms.

Home Automation

Our goal is to bring the convenience and cost savings of home automation technology to you without the hassle of installation and service! We offer setups including voice-activated lights, thermostat, locks, TV, audio systems, and even doorbells!

PC Repair

We offer expert Mac and PC repair service whether that's replacing a broken laptop screen or replacing your desktop's motherboard. Slow PC? PC won’t start? Windows/Mac errors? Whatever your issue is, you will receive quick service that has your computer running like new again.

Commercial Automation

With this service, we bring the features and benefits of Artificial Intelligence directly to your staff with the help of Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa! We can also help you achieve huge cost savings by automating the heating, cooling, and lighting systems to power down during non-business hours.

Our Consulting

For consulting we combine our insight and experience with innovative thinking to build, track, and improve your products, processes, and strategies. As a trusted partner, we'll work with you to design and implement high-quality sustainable solutions for a direct impact to your bottom line.

Process Optimization

This service starts with a full analysis of current processes to ensure optimizations are directed at the most impactful parts of the business. Then, we conduct cross-functional working sessions to distill an optimized process for reduced costs, boosted performance, and higher rates of adoption.

Product Management

A consulting solution for agile teams and products looking for growth in areas ranging from the feature set to the user base. Pairing empathy with our customer-centric approach ensures alignment and adoption with the users.

Data Science

Your data has insights that have yet to be discovered and acted upon. These insights can lead to the discovery of usage patterns, underlying behavioral trends, or even completely new market segments.

Business Automation

Our expert approach to automation allows your employees and operations to focus on strategy while realizing reduced costs as well as improved quality and speed of completion.

The numbers speak for themselves.


High Skilled labor hours saved.


Data Science projects completed.


Satisfied Stakeholders.